Sunday, November 13, 2011

a stroll in the park

I could imagine wearing this outfit during a stroll in a city park. I really love the color of the jeans, the hue is so girly yet elegant and mature. The classic black cardigan is comfortable and stylish- a perfect mix. I chose to add a smoky gray scarf fit for the winter weather. The dark red purse is the accent of this piece, the one item that really stands out. Embellished with two zebra heads it adds a unique flair to this outfit.
via Polyvore
scarf: frockaholics
cardigan: lagarconne
jeans & shoes: net-a-porter
purse: stefanibags

What are your thoughts on this outfit? What would you wear on a stroll through a park?


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  2. I would wear this to class, to run errands, and definitely on a walk in the park. This is a lovely outfit!

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  4. Love the look of the scarf, I'd wear something pretty similar!x

  5. This is an outfit I can live in! I love the simplicity and that scarf is LUSH! xxAnisa

  6. This is such a lovely outfit, really lovely. I would definitely wear it for a stroll in the park. Thank you for following me and also entering the Moda de la Mode birthday giveaway....the winner will be announced on Friday but you are in for the chance to win the DIY headband project, you lucky thing.

  7. I love this look and think it's absolutely perfect for a walk in the park! It's something that I would definitely wear myself because it's casual yet chic and the contrast of different patterns and textures with the added pop of color is gorgeous!
    p.s- I noticed that we have a lot in common- collages are one of my favorite things to make and I am so passionate about dancing as well! :)
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  8. love the outfit!



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