Saturday, November 12, 2011


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Polyvore is the perfect outlet for fashionista's and designers alike, or anyone who loves being creative. You can create sets, and with tons of items to choose from, the posibilites are endless. You have the ability of providing your location (ex. what country you're from, etc.) but it is not required. You can also write a short "about me" which is public and will appear on your profile.

You get freedom on Polyvore. You can name your sets, and write descriptions about them. You can comment on other user's sets. In my personal experience, I have never seen anyone misuse this freedom, but chances are someone has since Polyvore is quite popular. 

An interesting aspect of Polyvore is that all of the items posted are linked to the website where they can be bought at. I find this to be pretty smart because hey, someone might see an item they liked in a set and they can go buy it! 

Another great aspect of Polyvore is the "Style Advice" section. You can ask any sort of fashion-related question (with exact requirements and everything) and get an answer or two within a few minutes. The average response wait is posted on the side column and is updated frequently. Therefor, you'll know about how long it should take for you to get a response. 

There's so much to do on Polyvore! In addition to creating sets and asking/answering style questions; you can also join groups, enter contests, and shop!

I highly recommend this site for any artsy person 13 years old and up. 

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  1. Polyvore is an amazing site! I love making sets.
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I love yours, and have followed, too.


  2. Hi Cait!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really like what you have done so far with yours, Polyvore is one of my favorite sites although I find it dangerous as I get engrossed for hours! HAH! I am now following you and hope you do the same.

    Great name btw, I am a Leo as well (July 30th)


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